Lender/Broker Rate Points in $ Fees Fees Total APR
RockBottom Mortgage6.750%$0$1,125$1,1256.784%
Optimum First Mortgage6.999%$0$613$6137.018%
McGlone Mortgage7.000%$0$1,495$1,4957.046%
Sage Mortgage7.250%$0$2,663$2,6637.332%
Online Central7.375%$0$0$07.375%
Strong Home Mortgage7.375%$0$775$7757.400%
Mutual of Omaha Mortgage7.499%$0$1$17.499%
First Citizens Bank & Trust7.500%$0$826$8267.526%
Quicken Loans7.625%$0$3,200$3,2007.728%
Rocket Mortgage7.625%$0$3,200$3,2007.728%
Guaranteed Rate7.350%$4,308$8,400$12,7087.765%

*Rates updated September 5, 2023 at 11:34am CST

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate         *Appraisal Fee and Title Fees Not Included

Assumptions: Single Family Residence, Includes All Total Lender Fees, $400,000 loan amount, 80% Loan-to-Value or Less, Fico Score of 740+, W'2 ONLY Employee, Escrow Account, No Cash-Out (if Refinance), Purchase or Refinance, 30 Day Rate Lock, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas and Michigan Properties. RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Flat-Fee Mortgage Company

Flat-Fee Mortgage Company

Rock Bottom Mortgage™

No Commissions

Rock Bottom Mortgage™

No Haggle

Rock Bottom Mortgage™

No Closing Cost Options

Just Low Rates and Fees

About Us

We are not like your typical mortgage company whose business model and income structure is based on commissions. These companies will sell you interest rates that are higher than industry standards with corresponding higher fees. At RockBottom Mortgage, we are simply a flat-fee mortgage company offering the lowest rates with the lowest fees as we know this is the biggest and most important investment people make. ​We encourage you to shop our rates and fees to see for yourself. The numbers simply don't lie.

Rock Bottom Mortgage™
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About - Anthony Pipitone

Personal: Anthony lives in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago with his family and has roots in the community. He's lived in the Chicagoland area all his life and attended Loyola Academy High School. He then went on to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Professional: Anthony has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. Throughout his career he has assisted thousands of people purchase or refinance their homes. As a loan originator, employed by other mortgage companies, he participated in commission structured environments as almost all companies were structured that way. The mindset of these companies was to "SELL THE HIGHEST INTEREST RATE AND CHARGE THE MOST FEES" as that equated to higher commissions. After the housing collapse he saw firsthand the aftermath of this type of business model and decided that there needed to be a change. He started his own flat-fee mortgage company, RockBottom Mortgage as an alternative to these high priced commission based mortgage companies that still exist.

As a flat-fee mortgage company licensed in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, we’re dedicated to providing you with the lowest rates and lowest fees possible. We know that purchasing a home can be stressful. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the entire process of obtaining your home loan, making the entire process seamless from start to finish.


Susanne Dawursk (Chicago, IL)

Reviewed on November 27, 2013

My Broker for LIFE

"I am fairly experienced in the whole new loan/refi game having been through this rodeo about eight times in the last few years. Never in my LIFE have I worked with a team so organized and so on point as the team Anthony Pipitone has put together. My loan documentation process is always complicated due to multiple investments and businesses, etc. and they got everything together in less than 30 days. I will never call anyone else AGAIN."

ToughRefi (Chicago, IL)

Reviewed On: March 28, 2013

Great Pricing and Effort

"My wife and I recently used Anthony Pipitone on a cash out refi of our 30-year fixed mortgage. We are small business owners of multiple LLCs which confused the underwriter and made it more difficult for us to become "clear to close" even though our debt to equity ratio is low and our income is good. Anthony was persistant with underwriters and saw us through to closing. It took a while but they got the job done helping us obtain a new mortgage with a MUCH lower rate and giving us back ADDITIONAL credit to cover all costs and our escrow account. Throughout the process I was demanding but Anthony was patient and communicated to us effectively. He responded back quickly to all my inquiries. We highly recommend Anthony Pipitone and his flat-fee mortgage way of business."

CarinaS (Naperville, IL)

Reviewed on: April 14, 2010

Great Rate & Service!

" Anthony Pipitione contacted me through my LendingTree request and came in with the best rate and lowest fees by A LOT. At first I was hesitant to go through a broker instead of a big name bank because I thought there may be some hidden costs that would come up later. Anthony (who was great) told me that I would have the Good Faith in my hands the next day. The fees were just as low as he had promised and I am glad I stuck with him. Anthony & his team were very helpful and patient with me all the way through the entire process, even the day of closing when I had last-minute questions. I definetly recommend Anthony Pipitone to my friends and family and whomever is looking for unbelievably low rates and low fees with impeccable service."

User90691180 (Northbrook, IL)

Reviewed on: September 27, 2013

 Highly Likely to Recommend

"Anthony and his entire team were fantastic to work with for my Purchase. I tried to get a mortgage at other banks I saw on BankRate prior to meeting with Anthony and it was a complete pain and noone had the same pricing that was advertised other than Anthony. Anthony made the entire process so easy and he's extremely knowledgeable about what he does. We had some issues at closing (not do to Anthony) and he was right there to stay on top of things and help us get it resolved. I highly recommend Anthony for any mortgage needs."

User0488957 (Oakwood Hills, IL)

Reviewed on March 4, 2013

Highly Likely to Recommend

"I worked with Anthony Pipitone for a re-fi in the fall of 2011 and the entire process went very smoothly. Anthony was very responsive to all of my correspondence, either verbal or e-mail, and was very clear concerning the actions that needed to be taken by me and the resulting actions that would be taken by the lender. Since I was so satisfied with my 2011 experience I used Anthony again in the fall of 2012 for another re-fi. This time with even a lower rate and even lower (ACTUALLY NEGATIVE FEES!!!!) closing costs. Anthony advised me regarding trends in rates and costs and my final terms were actually better than originally expected if you can believe that. I highly recommend using Anthony Pipitone."